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Press Release

The media Launch of the ArtsGames on August 11, 2016 heralded the glorious return of what had been a most interesting convergence of the arts until about seven decades ago. This congregation of artists which was discontinued in 1948 makes a return in 2022.

So after seventy years of absence, the glamorous rhythms and shades of the cultures of the world will be returning at the ArtsGames in Montreal, Canada in 2022 where participants will compete for the Gold, Silver and Bronze medals in five art forms which include Dance, Music, Literature, Visual Arts and Media Arts. The five art forms are further broken down into twenty seven federations to create a festival of creativity from across the cultural clusters of the world. This new epoch heralds a new vista in the celebration of a world united through the arts. Of these twenty seven, the Drumming Federation brings together different drumming styles to heighten the rhythms of life.

The drum is interesting in many ways because of the varying sounds and effects and it has been used through the pre-historic times until this day for different reasons. Cultures across the world have designed or adapted drums to suit their needs. In Nigeria, for instance, the talking drum has been used variously for communication, for entertainment and for spiritual rituals. In Vietnam, The Bronze drums known as Dong Son predates recorded history and it has been used for a wide variety of purposes. The Steel Drums of Trinidad and Tobago has since become a national identity in that country and has been exported to all the continents of the world. Other percussive instruments which developed from drum have also lived through the ages to define cultural identities.

The International ArtsGames Drumming Federation serves to produce all the drumming contingents that will represent nations from all continents to participate at the ArtsGames. The selection process for the six categories to be competed for opens with the online audition in January 2022, which will lead to the live audition in Montreal in 2022 culminating in the great show of creativity.

The categories to be competed for includes:

  1. Traditional rhythm
  2. Voices and percussion
  3. Melodic percussion
  4. Drum kit solo
  5. Drum line face-off
  6. Innovative and creative rhythm

As the beat goes on, the sound and rhythm will continue to reverberate across the globe getting louder and more pulsating until the climax in 2020 when the various shades of cultures converge in the celebration of life. One cannot afford to miss the thrills of participating in the biggest art show in the world. Join in the celebrations.

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  • Show in celebration of the launch of ArtsGames was held on 11-Aug-2016

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