The following rules authorized by the International ArtsGames Committee (IAC) apply to all the drumming categories.

  1. Adjudicators
  2. To deliberately ensure free, fair and credible processes, Judges for the online competitions have been carefully selected from across the cultural clusters.

  3. Competitor’s Responsibilities
  4. Contestants shall be responsible for the production and uploading of their presentations, in compliance with all instructions as regards costumes length of performance, ambience, location and uploading format. All submissions that do not meet the conditions will be automatically disqualified.

  5. Team
  6. Each of the six categories will be made up of a number of players as specified under categories

  7. Instruments Combination
  8. Contestants will be allowed to use only a combination of drums in the same category. This means that except in the Melodic Percussion category, no instrument from a different category will be allowed.

  9. Video Uploading Dates
  10. Commencement dates for video uploading will be published on this website and on our Facebook page soon. It is advised that groups begin preparations and recording early to meet the deadline.

  11. Accompanying Performers
  12. No accompanying performers are allowed outside the team.

  13. Number of Videos to be submitted
  14. Each team must not submit more than one video.

  15. Performing without the Aid of Music
  16. All participants shall perform without the aid of printed and recorded music.

  17. Acceptable Costumes
  18. Competitors are advised to use costumes that reflect their performances. Smart attire is highly recommended.

  19. Music Title
  20. Competitors must ensure that their submitted videos are titled in the appropriate space.

  21. Voice
  22. There shall be no vocals except for the Voices and Percussion Category.

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